Spyder Trax MTB Helmet

When I started mountain biking the first safety gear I bought was a Helmet.  Lots of brands were available and choosing isn’t that easy for me, being a newbie in the sport.  At first I was looking at the price of each helmet I see.  I might buy an expensive one but not really pursue mountain biking so it woud be a waist of money for me. Good thing as I was scouting around I saw the Spyder Trax MTB Helmet. At first glance I thought it was another model of a well known brand of helmet  .   I was surprised that the design and construction is similar to or much more better with the well known brand.  During the time I bought it, the Spyder  Trax Helmet is just being introduced in the market.  The price is not too pricey neither cheap but it really looks great.  From then on, I’ve been using this helmet during every time I do my trail rides.

After almost two years of using the Spyder Helmet, I can prove that these helmets are strong and at par with the higher priced helmets in the market.  I have crashed the helmet twice, one in F0rt Bonifacio trail and the other during a fast downhill run at Lamesa Nature Reserved. I have hit my head down the solid  ground during those rides and i didn’t incur any head injuries.  The helmet didn’t even crack. These Spyder Trax helmets have really done what they are designed for: PROTECTING YOUR HEAD!

If you’re looking for a strong and reliable mountain bike helmet, then the Spyder Trax is for you.  Not just I have proven its durability during my crashes,  its design and weight are also race ready.  The bonus is it is AFFORDABLE!




4 responses to “Spyder Trax MTB Helmet

  1. do you sell this helmet or my i know pls where did you buy it, almost everyday i’m looking for bike helmet i hope you can help me…thanks and God bless

  2. hi,can i ask were did u bought your spyder trax helmet..thanks

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